Friday, December 7, 2007

Data Security A Must For Small Businesses

Security should be a priority for a small business. I just went through a 'crash and burn' event with my computer. I had just purchased an external hard drive back-up system and programmed it to back-up every day. When my computer was finally fixed I downloaded all my informtion back into my computer and have not mssed a beat since. I shiver at the thought of loosing all my data. You should, too. Safe guarding that same data against someone else is necessary, too. Just because you run a small shop that serves a local market doesn't mean your data is unimportant to someone. Customer data, in particular, is always valuable.

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25 Percent Of Small Business Owners Are Out Of Their Minds

Backing up your data can be an inexpensive insurance that, even with a computer malfunction, your data is not lost and you can continue running it. Read about this a protecting your data.

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