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Top Ten Opportunities in 2008 for Personal Businesses

Happy New Year.

As a small business owner, entrepreneur or work at home individual there are more opportunities available for you to make a living at home than there were even 2 years ago. Here is an article that lists the top 10 types of work at home business opportunities.

Good luck during this year.

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Top Ten Opportunities in 2008 for Personal Businesses

The U.S. Census Bureau started producing annual nose-counts of “nonemployer” businesses — that is, firms with no paid employees other than the business owner or owners — in 1997. Since then, their numbers have exploded. The total number of U.S. firms grew by 21% between 1997 and 2004, and almost all of that growth consisted of nonemployer businesses (also called personal or single-person businesses or the self-employed).

You wouldn’t think that these smallest of small businesses could be such a big deal and, individually maybe they aren’t. Collectively, however, they numbered 20.5 million as of 2005, almost 80% of the businesses in the country, and they raked in about 8% of GDP that year.

It seems that circumstances came together in the final years of the 20th century to make the nonemployer firm a growing force in the U.S. economy. The technology that lets a nonemployer firm communicate with customers worldwide and operate a business on a 24/7 basis matured. In industry after industry, technology has lowered barriers to entry as well. And, in a service-oriented, knowledge economy, it became possible to construct a business with no more inventory than the expertise and information lodged in a human brain. In many ways, the 21st century belongs to nonemployers.

So, what are the best opportunities for these nano-businesses going into 2008?

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